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All the hits on 1420 MHz: The Flip

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    My software development is tracked on github.

    HERA Software

    Much of my recent activity has been within the HERA-Team project, which is the home of all the code for the HERA telescope. Specifically, I manage the data quality metrics repository, hera_qm, and am a core contributor to pyuvdata, a python model for interferometric data.

    Other Software

    The EPIC-Astronomy github team contains all the EPIC codes and memos.

    I have made major contributions to the Fast Holographic Deconvolution (FHD) and eppsilon code bases, which are essential tools for the imaging power spectrum pipeline I used in my PhD thesis.

    I have been populating a tutorial repository with jupyter notebooks and python scripts that I use to demonstrate concepts when teaching. Check out the script!

    HERA Memos

    The full HERA memo series is hosted on Below are my contributions.

    An early look at HERA-19 system temperature (Beardsley)

    Modeling Sky Temperature (Parsons and Beardsley)

    System Temperatures of 21 cm Arrays (Jacobs, Beardsley, Hazelton, Thyagarajan, Trott)

    Other Memos

    Below are a handful of memos I have prepared for various groups. Some have found them useful, so I post them here for easy access. The scope of some memos evolved while writing, but I don’t want to change the titles in case people have referenced them. Instead I added notes on the content for ones that are not obvious from the title.

    These are meant to be instructional, but not comprehensive. I do not claim completeness, and errors are possible. If you find an error, or need clarification, feel free to contact me.

    Discrete Fourier Transforms
    (How to get your units right)

    Image to Power Spectrum Notes
    (Details how to go from image to power spectrum, includes an example beam/window function calculation)

    MOFF Calibration

    Mean Value Unbiased Estimator Notes

    Sample Variance Notes

    Thermal Variance Notes
    (Includes some unit conversion notes which may be incorrect. See “Image to Power Spectrum Notes” for updates)

    Weights Notes
    (Includes error propagation to power spectrum, including even/odd data split)

    MWA Data Compression Notes

    Cable Reflection Notes