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All the hits on 1420 MHz: The Flip

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    Born and raised a Wisconsinite, I attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison 2005-2009, graduating with a BS in physics, math, and astronomy. My interest in radio astronomy began with several classes in Sterling Hall.

    After graduating from Madison, I headed to Seattle to pursue a PhD in physics from the University of Washington. I graduated in June, 2015, and promptly got married that month back in Wisconsin. Seattle was a great city to live and work, and I hope to return there often.

    In summer of 2015 I joined the Low-frequency Cosmology (LoCo) group at Arizona State University’s School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE). It was an interesting and exciting department to be a part of — it’s a mix of astronomers, geophysicists, and engineers.

    In Fall 2020, amid the Covid pandemic, I started as an assistant professor at Winona State. It’s certainly been a hectic start to the new job, but the department has been very welcoming supportive as I get my feet under myself. I’m hoping to be back on campus soon to see the students more often.

    Besides astronomy and physics, my interests include breakfast, playing with my dog, woodworking projects, and camping. I also enjoy a casual game of chess – hit me up on lichess if you want to play, username uther_pendragon.


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